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Journey through the Bible incorporates 4 foundational principles of our spiritual walk:

  • Knowing God’s Word. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God. It tells us about who He is and how much He loves us. From beginning to end, the Bible tells us about God’s plan, how sin came in and tried to destroy it, and the pain-staking steps God put into place to restore each of us back to Himself. Journey starts from the beginning and goes straight through every commonly known story (and many not so commonly known), revealing God’s love for each of us.
  • Memorizing God’s Word. The Bible not only tells us about the past, it also helps us in the present. It is how God communicates with us when we pray and gives us direction. Journey incorporates an age appropriate passage of scripture into each 9-month program/school year. Each passage was chosen purposefully to teach a child/student more about who God is, how much He loves us, and how we are to live.
  • Outreach. The more we read, study and memorize God’s Word, the more we realize we are to be sharing Jesus and living our lives in such a way that causes others to see Him in us. Journey teaches the importance of this and functions in a way to make it easy for friends to visit and hopefully return to join in each week. There are fun incentives built in as well!
  • Service. Finally, as we grow in knowing Jesus better, the best way to show that He lives in us is to do what He did and serve others! Journey will give opportunities for age appropriate service, to teach children/students at a young age, how wonderful it feels to help, serve and encourage others!

will begin at 6pm with an active music time, singing songs that worship God with our voices and LOTS of action. Each class will then have a time to practice and recite their scripture verses and meet and greet friends. From there the schedule will include prayer, a Bible Story with time with some coloring, worksheets and Q & A and a snack and restroom break. We will be done promptly at 7:30pm each evening. Once a month we will celebrate everyone’s birthday from that month and have a party! On that night we will also have games and a trip to our Journey General Store in addition to the usual activities.

Journey General Store. Each week, the children/students will have the opportunity to earn “Journey Bucks”. They will do this by coming, wearing their classroom t-shirt or color, bringing their Bible, bringing a friend or just by following directions and being kind to others. Once a month, the Journey General Store will be open and each class will be given time to shop! They can purchase smaller items each month or wait and purchase larger items as they save enough.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email our Children & Family Ministries Director at