C&MA International Workers

Dan & Katie Kolins (Spain)
David & Christine Manfred (Cambodia):  Parents of our MK - Jenna Manfred.  Click here to see their most recent newsletter and keep up with Jenna and her family.
Valary & Mally McLoughlin (Mullinex) (Germany)
Tony & Raeni Roos (France)
Valerie Stellrecht (Dominican Republic)
Sam & Jen Stemple (Germany): Dorm Parents at the Black Forest Academy in Kandern, Germany.
Tou Lee & Tang Thao (Thailand)

Other Ministries

With Child Evangelism Fellowship in Greece:  Stephanos & Magda Botonis 
With Wycliffe Bible Translators:  Nancy Loveland
With New Tribes Mission:  Jim & Carol Sheffield
Thauerlogo With Wycliffe Bible Translators:  Carolyn Thauer

Hill Point also supports 8 families that serve in creative access countries.