We are passionate about reaching lost people whether they are next door or on the other side of the world. This ministry through Samaritan’s Purse is a wonderful way for those of us born into so much to joyfully give those who were born into very different circumstances. But the best part of this gift is NOT THE STUFF WE BUY and put in the shoeboxes, it is avenue it provides for THE GOSPEL STORY TO BE TOLD!

To read awesome stories of lives changed by the Love of Jesus Christ through Operation Christmas Child/Samaritan’s Purse, click here.

How WE do OCC…

At Hill Point, we enjoy taking on this annual challenge every year TOGETHER! This means a PACKING PARTY!! Throughout the year, we COLLECT various items as one big family, tracking our progress and storing it until November, when we pull it all out! We PRAY over what the Lord has provided throughout the year, ask Him to multiply it for His use, PACK until it is all gone and then PRAY AGAIN, asking Him to use our small contribution to change lives. That’s it!

Want to join us?  

It’s easy!  Simply begin to collect some of the items below. We have already organized the ideas to coincide with seasonal sales and have even listed some great places that we’ve found good deals on those items. If you have some ideas of your own that’s totally fine too. We have a collection box that you can put your items in whenever you’d like. We will track/count what we have so we can keep everyone updated on when we have received plenty of one item and are low on others.


Just a couple of reminders as you shop:

  • We want to avoid purchasing anything combative, war-like or violent.
  • Consider the size of the item you are purchasing. Only small toys, stuffed animals/dolls will fit.
  • If you have any questions or idea that you think would make a great addition, contact Sandy Nelson. As the leader of this ministry, she has some specific hopes/desires for every box that goes out from HPCC. That means we have to be intentional about the space we have to work with in each box. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR INVOLVEMENT!!


TOOTHBRUSHES, HAIR BRUSHES & HAIR ACCESSORIES. We have found the best prices on toothbrushes to be at The Dollar Tree. You can get packs of 4, or sometimes 6, for $1. Hair brushes are one dollar, and they have good deals on hair accessories.


SOAP & WASH CLOTHS. The Dollar Tree is a great place for the soap. They sell them 3 for a dollar. Wash cloths sell for 2-3 for a dollar. Keep an eye on the local department stores for sales too!


FLIP FLOPS. Walmart has them for 98¢! Also The Dollar Tree has them for a dollar. Keep in mind that you want kid sizes S, M & L.


NOTE PADS & COLOR BOOKS. Small legal note pads at Costco are 24 for $5.56. That's the best deal! They are also the perfect size to fit in the shoeboxes. Coloring books are $1 at The Dollar Tree, Party City & Michaels.


PENCILS, PENS, CRAYONS/MARKERS & ERASERS. All stores will be having their back to school sales at this time. WE've found that Target is the most expensive when it comes to the crayons & markers. Last year, Meijer had them at 50¢/pack of crayons, but a 10 pack limit per visit. Walmart also has them at a good price, but I can't recall the exact price.


SMALL TOYS, SOCCER BALLS, DOLLS. New small toys like matchbox cars, jump ropes, small stuffed animals, yoyo's, kazoos, super balls are all easy to buy and a great price at Oriental Trading Co. We have also found a great deal on soccer balls, dolls and toys at Joissu. The deals get better the more you buy! Both of these companies are online so you can shop from home. Just click on the name to go to the site.


SHIRTS, UNDERWEAR & SOCKS. Clearance section is the best place to start for these items. Meijer will place short sleeve shirts on clearance at the end of the season. They can get all the way down to $2.50 each! All items we need are boys & girls sizes XS, S, M & L.